Alphabet Avenger

weapon (melee)

Craghammer lvl 3+ 1d10×2 on crit

The runic arrangements Bromo makes on this hammer from the leftovers of his enemies are usually never still intact after a battle. At the end of an encounter, you may roll a d20 to see what runic power can be instilled in the craghammer for the next fight.

1: That thing smells funny, Bromo: The craghammer has become a grotesque runic power sink. Bromo gets -1 to any Runic Power roll for the encounter.
2-6: Runic Effervescence: This rune combination leaves behind a healing runic imprint on the target. Allies who land successful a successful on the target gain 1d4 temporary hitpoints until the end of the encounter.
7-11: Blood Moustache: Bone fragments and gristle leave a dazing runic imprint on the target. Allies get +1 to hit rolls against the target until they hit the target with an attack.
12-16: Strength and Honor: Infused with runic power, Bromo’s subsequent strikes deal more damage. He gains +2 to damage rolls against the target for the rest of the encounter.
17-19: Strength and Honor: Bromo has managed to make one badass horrible rune this time. A successful strike with his craghammer grants the benefits of all of the 2-16 rolls.
20: Runefetish: Upon striking an enemy, Bromo’s hammer becomes a pulsing beacon of runic energy. Allies in a close burst gain 1d4 temporary hit points per round until the end of the encounter, and enemies in a close burst get -1 to attack rolls. These powers radiate from whatever square the hammer is in, so Bromo may drop the hammer wherever he wants.


This weapon was named by Bromo, the Half Orc Rune Priest who wields it. While it is a conduit for his powers and a reflection of his runic abilities, it is unknown if the Alphabet’s powers are generated by the weapon, or Bromo himself.

Alphabet Avenger

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