Starting Up

Here are a few links and tips for creating your character.

Dungeons and Dragons Insider: Character builder

  • This walks you through making a character, and is waaay faster and easier than using the handbooks
  • If you feel limited by the demo, fil and I both have full accounts and you can use my login
  • Create a character at level 3 (the cap in the demo is 3 anyway)
  • Email your DDI file as an attachment to me at so I can upload you here :)

Who is your character?

  • Go for any race/class combo that seems cool to you
  • Abby sets her employees up for success – You’ll get personalized, company sponsored gear
  • Decide how much of your past you want public, and send me your secrets/plot hooks
  • How did you come to be in Iriaebor and work for Abby?

The Setting

Landscape Inspiration

  • Riddled with monsters, pockets of abandoned civilization and valuables, weird weather, constantly raining
  • Iriaebor: Business and criminals rule, harsh, government is whoever killed the last one
  • You have competition.
  • City and surrounding area maps incoming!

Starting Up

Anarchy and Avarice Quixotic Avenger